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      Beijing mapuzi Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in passive microelectronics products. The self-developed two-wire passive electronic pressure (differential pressure, temperature) switch has successfully applied for a number of national patents, with real independent intellectual property rights.

     Since its establishment in 2011, it has developed rapidly and been successfully applied in hundreds of power plants, realizing the technical concept of no fault and no drift.

     Two wire passive electronic pressure switch breaks through the bottleneck that mechanical pressure switch cannot be electronic. The two wire intelligent digital pressure switch turns the black box that the pressure switch can't display for a long time into a transparent intelligent instrument for observable pre inspection. The calibration process of the pressure switch is changed into a simple setting.

      The integrated micro power consumption technology brought by the two-wire intelligent digital pressure switch transmitter without power supply will become the mainstream industrial instrument and the future development of the instrument. Further improve the technical level of automatic instruments.

Brand Future

Brand Future

Promote industry innovation from two aspects: plate and custom home.
It is Rongda's mission to safeguard China's strength in the field of sanitary home.

Let more environmentally friendly and intelligent household products be enjoyed by more families.
It is Rongda's social responsibility to let the dream of green living shine into millions of households.

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