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Causes of measurement deviation of pressure switch

     Causes of measuring error of pressure switch     Generally speaking, there are four reasons for the error1. At present, there are a lot of pressure switches in the market, but due to the different conditio

03 2020-01
SPDT and DPDT of pressure switch

PRESSURE SWITCH SPDT     The circuit corresponding to the pressure switch is conductive and static. Generally speaking, single pole double throw is composed of one head and two cutterbed. Each side is connected with wires, an

03 2020-01
Characteristics of marine pressure switch

    Characteristics of marine pressure switch     The marine pressure switch can be used in the gas, steam and other gas and liquid media under the navigation environment of the ship, and its control adjustable rang

03 2020-01
Basic knowledge of pressure switch

Basic knowledge of pressure switch     Mechanical pressure switch is a kind of microswitch which is caused by pure mechanical deformation. When the pressure increases, the different sensing pressure components (diaphragm, bel

03 2020-01
What is the working principle and function of pressure control switch?

Working principle of pressure control switch:Each product of the controller has its specific working pressure range (range) when it is manufactured and produced. In this range, the customer can preset the pressure value to be operated by th

03 2020-01
Maintenance procedure of explosion proof pressure switch

1 open the terminal cover of the terminal chamber, check whether the screws of the terminal post are complete, whether the bolts are deformed, and whether the base of the terminal post is cracked.2 Isolation handles at zero position, open t

03 2020-01
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