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What is the working principle and function of pressure control switch?

Working principle of pressure control switch:

Each product of the controller has its specific working pressure range (range) when it is manufactured and produced. In this range, the customer can preset the pressure value to be operated by the switch, which is also called the set point of the pressure switch. After connecting to the system, when the pressure of the measured medium is greater than (less than) the set point, the sensor will generate step-by-step signal, trigger the micro switch inside the controller, and open (close) the system loop. The controller is usually equipped with a SPDT type microswitch. Each SPDT Switch can be set to the normally closed or normally open state. When it is set to the normally open state, the system loop will be closed when the microswitch acts. The normally closed state is to disconnect the system circuit.


Realize the detection, display, alarm and control signal output of medium pressure signal to ensure the normal operation of the system.



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