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Basic knowledge of pressure switch

Basic knowledge of pressure switch

     Mechanical pressure switch is a kind of microswitch which is caused by pure mechanical deformation. When the pressure increases, the different sensing pressure components (diaphragm, bellows, piston) will deform and move upward. Through the mechanical structure such as handrail spring, the top microswitch will be started and the electrical signal will be output. This is the principle of the pressure switch. There is also an electronic pressure switch, which has been purchased recently. It can be used to replace the electric contact pressure gauge. It can also be used in systems with high requirements for industrial control. This pressure switch is equipped with German precision pressure sensor. This electronic pressure switch has small hysteresis, anti vibration, fast response, stability and reliability, and high precision. Its features are: electronic display screen is intuitive, high precision, long service life, and it is convenient to set control points through the display screen.

Features of pressure switch

   Pressure switch mainly includes normally open type and normally closed type. The main features are: using screw quick joint or copper pipe welding type installation structure, flexible installation, easy to use, without special installation and fixation. Plug in wire type connection can be selected by users. The sealed stainless steel inductor is safe and reliable. The pressure range is made according to the pressure required by customers.



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