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Causes of measurement deviation of pressure switch

     Causes of measuring error of pressure switch

     Generally speaking, there are four reasons for the error

1. At present, there are a lot of pressure switches in the market, but due to the different conditions and environments of manufacturers, the products themselves are different in material. The products produced by various enterprises are often different in service life and product specifications, which determines the service life of the products. Even some enterprises use low-grade materials to reduce production costs, which gradually causes such problems in the later use process.

2. Because the precision instruments are generally put into production after being verified by the laboratory, and after the products are applied to the production enterprise, the use frequency of the pressure switch is far beyond the laboratory. In this way, with the increase of the frequency and service life of the products, the accuracy of the data measured in the laboratory will deviate from the data measured in the laboratory.

3. Due to human factors, the scale of the commonly used pressure switch pressure gauge is very close. After a long time of labor, due to fatigue, the operators often misread or even misjudge. So this may also be a cause of measurement deviation.

4. During the working process of pressure switch, the operator will also cause measurement deviation due to different judgment and reading.

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