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Maintenance procedure of explosion proof pressure switch

1 open the terminal cover of the terminal chamber, check whether the screws of the terminal post are complete, whether the bolts are deformed, and whether the base of the terminal post is cracked.

2 Isolation handles at zero position, open the main chamber.

3. Check whether the parts are complete, whether the transformer, contactor or relay coil, voltage (current) transformer are burnt, whether the shell of disconnector is cracked, whether the contact is burned by the arc, and whether the wire is complete.

4. Power on and carry out further electrical function maintenance for the switch.

5. During power on maintenance, all components act sensitively, and the test action is sensitive and reliable, meeting the manufacturer's requirements.

6 check the synchronization of vacuum contactor.

7 check whether the coil temperature of transformer and various contactors or relays is normal.

8 check whether the display of the switch is normal.

9 check whether the grounding screw of the switch meets the maintenance standard of the switch.

10 use a multimeter to measure the voltage at the load side.

11 connect the switch to the motor and carry out the load test. The test time shall not be less than 2 hours.

12. Complete the iron plug, iron ring and rubber ring of the bell mouth of the switch wiring.

13 if the flameproof surface does not meet the explosion-proof requirements, it must be polished with sandpaper and Phosphated.

14 remove the cinders from the switch shell, wipe the shell with rags, and paint the shell.

15 put into storage after maintenance.



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