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The application of pressure switch products in air compressor is indispensable

     The application of pressure switch products in air compressor is indispensable

In pneumatic execution and control system, the application of pressure switch is essential. At present, in the air compression equipment, the application of pressure switch is very common. And the pressure switch also becomes the key element of air compressor, almost all air compressors use one or more pressure sensing devices.

The number of sensing elements required for different air compressors is different

      The small compressors we use in garages and home stores are usually very simple devices, and their air tanks are monitored by a pressure switch. When the compressor is running, the pressure in the air tank rises until it reaches the trigger point of the pressure switch, which then turns off the compressor motor.

      In contrast, large commercial and industrial compressors are much more complex. In addition to the use of pressure switches to achieve start stop functions, modern high-efficiency compressors use multiple sensor elements to support the system's control, liquid level indication, temperature regulation and overheating protection.

Advantages of pressure switch and its role in air compressor

     Pressure switch is a relatively simple pressure sensing device used to indicate whether the sensed pressure is higher or lower than the preset pressure threshold. The output state of the pressure switch is "on / off" or a two-state electrical signal.



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